The Top 5 Ways to Keep Spiders Away.

April 28, 2016 Mark Brown

  1. Use Spider Defence (of course!) Our proven formula contains a host of ingredients, but the main one in is a high dose of pure peppermint. Spiders HATE this. 
  2. Keep your house clean - Regularly cleaning and removing cob webs actually keeps spiders away. Spiders are very house proud, so once their web is removed a few times they tend to look for new places to set up shop. 
  3. Citrus Fresheners - When you're next in the supermarket looking for an air fresher or candle, go for one which contains citrus extracts. Spiders don't like the stuff and they'll tend to avoid areas with this strong scent.

  4. Chestnuts and conkers - Spiders do not like these two items, so keeping a few in your car or cupboards can be great little barriers against spiders.

  5. Lady Bugs - Not only are they beautiful little creatures, they're also an enemy of the spider. You don't want them in your home, but introducing them into your garden is a great idea.


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