Giant Spiders set free on Canadian bound plane

May 23, 2016 Mark Brown

Imagine this for scary... You're on a flight to Canada enjoying your mid flight meal (yes right, who enjoys those) and a bunch of hugeTARANTULAS start crawling over you.

That has to be the world's worst nightmare, but it actually happened this weekend onboard.

The 18cm long spiders were spotted after dinner has been served on the flight from the Dominican to Canada.

Petrified passenger Catherine Moreau said: "The spider crawled up my leg - I was in a skirt.

"My husband managed to trap it in a plastic container, but is legs were sticking out.

"My daughter was screaming, she was in a state of shock."

Even the air attendants were to afraid to approach the spiders! 

It turned out that another flyer had try to bring them back in their hand luggage. Next time we fly we're taking a spider catcher with us! 


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