NEWS - The Launch of Spider Defence. Our all new Spider Spray

May 24, 2016 Mark Brown

Arachnophobia is a common fear for a lot of people living in the UK, and can make life difficult at home. The Spider Defence, spider spray is here to save the day as it helps keep spiders from entering your home.

Hand made in the UK, the spray which is made from 100% natural ingredients, is harmless and an easy way of making sure spiders stay away without killing them. This will be the perfect product for anyone who doesn’t like the sight of spiders in their home.

By simply using the spray every two weeks Spider Defence can defend your home from being plagued by unwanted guests, and is perfect for families with children who experience the fear of seeing a spider.

The spray works as it contains ingredients that spiders prefer to avoid, meaning they’ll simply move on rather than lurking around to create their next web.

The Spider Defense Spray has a very pleasant smell, due to its natural range of ingredients including pure peppermint oils.

The Spider Defence Spray is out now at £8.99 and be purchased from


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