Do spiders hate conkers?

October 16, 2016 Mark Brown

We've all heard the stories and the old wives tales, but do Conkers really have any effect against spiders and will conkers keep spiders away from your home?

Speak to most people and they will know some way of keeping spiders away from your home. Of course Spider Defence will always be the best product to use to keep spiders away from your home, however you can never have to much defence when it comes to keeping spiders at bay.

In the UK the RSC is carrying out a study and offering anyone up to £400 who can back the claim that Spiders are scared of conkers and no actual proof exists.

John Edwards, of the RSC, said: 'We have been told by external contacts that conkers do prevent invasion by spiders. 'Apparently they have to be fairly fresh to have their deterrent effect. 'But there are claims on the web, pardon the pun, that spiders don't like them at all and steer clear - which to those suffering arachnophobia is great news.'

Scientists don't believe that there is anything in a conker which spiders would not be able to cope with. So could it simply be their shape or colour which spiders find offensive. For example it's been proven that if you hang a clear bag of water with a coin in it, this warns off wasps as they believe it's a spiders nest and won't come near. Could a similar reasoning be behind this and conkers.

Have you tried using conkers to keep spiders away before? If so leave your comments below and let us know if it has been successful? 


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